SkyAlbum.Com is set up to provide a completely new experience to share your great moments with your family and friends. It is a place for people to share, comment on, and view slideshows created by Flash Slideshow Maker, which is an easy and free flash slideshow tool. 

Why Choose SkyAlbum? 

It is so popular today to post your own videos and photos online and share with other people. There are so many websites providing such service, such as YouTube and Flicker, while what are the unique features of our SkyAlbum? 

-- Exclusive community for users of Flash Slideshow Maker

-- Free space for sharing great memories

-- Much faster uploading speed

-- Better playback effect

-- Easier way to share photo slideshow

-- Free for everyone. 

SkyAlbum allows you to:

-- Create amazing Flash slide shows from your photo collection.

-- Share your creative works online with friends and family within steps.

-- Create your private groups to protect your shows and pictures.  

Flash Slideshow Maker: At A Glance

Flash Slide Show Maker is a Flash album creator to make animated photo slide show with SWF file as the output format. It transforms your digital photo collection to Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) which you can share your memorial moments with your family or friends on your own homepage or website. Please visit to learn more.

Something needs to know before uploading 

--File Formats supported: photo slideshow in SWF format created by Flash Slideshow Maker

--Maximum Single File Size: 2MB

--Flash Slideshow Only: SkyAlbum is only for photo slideshows created by Flash Slideshow Maker. You may upload generated Flash slideshows to SkyAlbum from the integrated uploading engine of the software or from the website after you logon to the website. 

How to upload the slideshow on SkyAlbum.Com?

You can upload your slideshows created by Flash Slideshow Maker to SkyAlbum with the following two methods: 

  1. Upload from the program

    --After you modify the slideshow, you have three output options: Create Flash only, Make a Gift CD and Upload to SkyAlbum.

    -- If you need to upload your creative slideshows to the website and share with more people, please check “Create Flash Files and Upload to SkyAlbum.Com” option.

    --If you don’t have a ID in SkyAlbum, you can create a SkyAlbum.Com ID instantly. But if you have, you just need to input your user name and password and then you can upload directly.  

  1. Upload in SkyAlbum.Com

    If you would like to view other people’s albums while uploading your albums, please visit and then log in.  

    --Click “Album” in the “Control Panel” and you will view the page for uploading.

    --You can sort your albums by adding a sort and then you can manage the different sort in the future. Each sort likes a folder, which can contain several sub-folders (albums), so once you upload a new album, you may choose a sort for it firstly.

    --Now you can set other related information about your uploaded album, including title, description, tags and their purview.

    --Here, you can see the selection for “Group”, which can be set up in “Control Panel”.

    --Finally, please click “Browse” to select you desired SWF slideshows on your computer and upload them to the SkyAlbum.